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(Don’t Forget to) Impeach Trump! (Louis Toliver Jr – USA/Austin, Texas)

It’s July 4th, 2018.

My political mind separates into a quartet of frustration when thinking of the current state of the United States of America:

I have no other power left than that of speech. We have forgotten who we are again. Americans are letting the night over power the day. I’m watching the morality of a nation give into its dark side of greed and power once again; but will we bounce back triumphantly this time and recall the goodness of our humanity?

I’ve matured (a little). I’ve come a long way from my last entry on Words United, “Dat Trump Money.” Letting the government play with our lives and idly watching by isn’t the life I signed up for. Money just isn’t worth letting an orange man mock our humanity. I can’t let our country forget that the system no longer functions. (NO system that begins with slavery at its core can function for humanity).

I still feel stuck in Election Night, November 2016, when the American circus finally came to light for me: How does an American Independent navigate the stupidity of Red and Blue politics? I don’t know much about US politics but Wisconsin and Michigan should have been blue. They were red. Mr. Trump was elected by the Electoral College. Mrs. Clinton was elected by the majority vote of the people. No. 45 was the most vile of presidential selections and nominees. He had to be. He was the Earth’s worst case scenario.

Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon are yelling from their graves everyday, “Impeach Trump!” Johnson thought he was keeping the country at ease, so he stood through impeachment. Nixon knew his wrong and was dealing with a different America; he knew to abort or be impeached. Trump, however, is too wealthy to fear the people, and the people are too disillusioned to fear him.

Wake up! Impeach Trump!


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