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(Don’t Forget to) Impeach Trump! (Louis Toliver Jr – USA/Austin, Texas)

It’s July 4th, 2018.

My political mind separates into a quartet of frustration when thinking of the current state of the United States of America:

I have no other power left than that of speech. We have forgotten who we are again. Americans are letting the night over power the day. I’m watching the morality of a nation give into its dark side of greed and power once again; but will we bounce back triumphantly this time and recall the goodness of our humanity?

I’ve matured (a little). I’ve come a long way from my last entry on Words United, “Dat Trump Money.” Letting the government play with our lives and idly watching by isn’t the life I signed up for. Money just isn’t worth letting an orange man mock our humanity. I can’t let our country forget that the system no longer functions. (NO system that begins with slavery at its core can function for humanity).

I still feel stuck in Election Night, November 2016, when the American circus finally came to light for me: How does an American Inde…