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Not Born to Die (Louis Toliver Jr. - USA/Austin, Texas)

Before a country can truly declare its independence, its people must first be independent. Being independent means having the right to live your life as you please. We must engage the facts of life, not the fictions of social media. I’m not just talking to you, America. I’m talking to all of Earth, all of us.

We have to be born into this world without labels or we are born to die. When we are labeled or label ourselves, we are suffocated or suffocate all other living parts of ourselves. We come into the world alive.  But dead to the possibilities of a life’s impact on the entire universe.  We should all be alive to the future.

We shouldn’t limit our souls to death, thinking it’s an end without knowing what an end looks like. What we believe is what we’re going to get. A soul is fluid energy in or out of a body that can collide with heaven or hell at any time. I’m most inspired by, us, souls that realize who we are in life’s big game. The afterlife smiles at us.

(Don’t Forget to) Impeach Trump! (Louis Toliver Jr – USA/Austin, Texas)

It’s July 4th, 2018.

My political mind separates into a quartet of frustration when thinking of the current state of the United States of America:

I have no other power left than that of speech. We have forgotten who we are again. Americans are letting the night over power the day. I’m watching the morality of a nation give into its dark side of greed and power once again; but will we bounce back triumphantly this time and recall the goodness of our humanity?

I’ve matured (a little). I’ve come a long way from my last entry on Words United, “Dat Trump Money.” Letting the government play with our lives and idly watching by isn’t the life I signed up for. Money just isn’t worth letting an orange man mock our humanity. I can’t let our country forget that the system no longer functions. (NO system that begins with slavery at its core can function for humanity).

I still feel stuck in Election Night, November 2016, when the American circus finally came to light for me: How does an American Inde…