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Words United: It's Global Union through creativity. We seek to enlighten each of our experiences around the whole world.
Words United, inspired by Louisiana Words (louisianawords.blogspot.com), seeks to push creative unity on the global scale. It is encouraged this way to help educate experiences insides and outside our mainland. Of course, this blog is in no way meant to make others feel they cannot participate. Even if you are not American please submit your words and expand this site into whatever direction necessary to enlighten the world. We don't have to be competitors; we could be family. If you are interested in submitting or asking questions: 1. You may email louisianawords@gmail.com 2. You may submit work via message to the Words United Facebook Page.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Old Love/New Love (Louis Toliver Jr. - USA/Austin, Texas)

Here's what I have to say
My old love is gone at bay
He can do whatever he may 
I'd be willing to return my pay 
A new love came my way
I could shout joy everyday
We glisten with the sun's ray
With my new man I forever lay

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Less of a Man (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin Texas)

This Man Was Here While She Was Gone (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Is it not possible to have two fathers?
You purposefully break this family
I do all the workful mothering and fathering
So please tell your wife about me

Just tell her

That while you have me for play
That she is just for status
So the kids suffer restlessly and innocently
No real bond with a fake like you

But this man gives them the attention
This man gives them the love that you should

So please, please tell her

She has nothing to worry about
While she was gone away
This man here mended her family
And her children will never be like you

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bitch (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

I have confidence
Direction, providence
I’m working
You’re just jerking
My success
Came with stress
Your attitude
Is just so rude
I’m a human with a plan
Not concerned if you’re a fan
I’m not your bitch
I’ve just got an itch
To mind my own business
Get through drama with quickness
My precious life is like yours
I’ve got the same sores
Excuse me if I cut out the excess
Trying to get some rest
I’m not a bitch
I just want be rich

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mr. Sensitive (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Does it really bother you that much
When another man loves another man?
Ugh, get out the way Mr. Sensitive!

Is it really that serious when another person
Accidentally steps on your shoes?
Ugh, get out of the way Mr. Sensitive!

This country doesn’t need you holding us back
With your emotional politics and old definitions
Goodbye Mr. Sensitive!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Alpha Male (Louis Toliver Jr. - USA/Austin, Texas)

Calling all alpha male…where ya’ll at?
Don’t worry it’s my turn….I’m up to bat

There’s war to end….before we get to fun
We got a game to win…gotta hit a home run

If our sons and daughters are starving
I’ll feed them with this grand slam I’m carving

I’ll blast all those sharks out of the park
Then dance around those bases to my throne

All the dirt flying, I’ll make you exhale
You won’t forget I’m the ‘bout it alpha male

Woman in the Mirror (Louis Toliver Jr. USA/Austin, Texas)

Look at the best of society
Education, health, culture
The best of nurture
Love, family, food
The best of peace
Ambition, good will, freedom
Domestic, first,
The best warrior
Pick your battles wisely
Violence never used
This land described by your body
Your body is this land
This world
Feminine grace as you
Man blocked by the physical of earth
We need a woman’s man
Poise, confidence, emotional stability
Woman will lead the mental will of the universe

Natural Woman (Louis Toliver Jr. - USA/Austin, Texas)

You make me feel alive
Like I could bear children
For you, for us, the world
Though I am, but a weak, feeble man

You make me feel alive
A natural inclination to be yours
A natural destiny seen by the stars
A natural woman emoting her gentle love

Testosterone (Louis Toliver Jr. - USA/Austin, Texas)

Your wife’s on the phone

Called me, instead of you
Told me, she loved me too

While you’re off working out
Sneaking to his shower spout

I’ll be at your house real soon
To penetrate her cocoon

Your marriage is gone

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A.N.G.E.L.S. (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Androgynous beings of intellect 
No mistrust created by dialect 
God's gift from Her own blood 
Eagles living among the people 
Let these stars shine in all glory 
Soaring above all the depravity