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Words United: It's Global Union through creativity. We seek to enlighten each of our experiences around the whole world.
Words United, inspired by Louisiana Words (louisianawords.blogspot.com), seeks to push creative unity on the global scale. It is encouraged this way to help educate experiences insides and outside our mainland. Of course, this blog is in no way meant to make others feel they cannot participate. Even if you are not American please submit your words and expand this site into whatever direction necessary to enlighten the world. We don't have to be competitors; we could be family. If you are interested in submitting or asking questions: 1. You may email louisianawords@gmail.com 2. You may submit work via message to the Words United Facebook Page.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Steps (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

to have success           
     be like the strong
            breathe at a funeral
                   to obtain closure
                          console a clown
                                 jump into a space, write
                                          to have creativity
                                                build the silent alphabet
                                                       swim through the past
                                                                to obtain YOUR life
                                                                        radiate your mentors
                                                                                capture your maker
                                                                                        to have YOUR life
                                                                                                feel these words
                                                                                                        live YOUR words

One Year Anniversary

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm Your Soldier (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

As I my put my uniform on
Of love,
My destiny sent from above
I look into the future’s lens …
I see you…me…us
We will conquer all of our enemies
As you complete your God-given mission
I am by your side completing mine
My body is your arms
Our country says you have the right
To bear me
We are both soldiers
In a war for love
It is full of many battles
But, ultimately, we will win
You are the highest mountian
I am the deepest valley
Our love exceeds earthly limits
We are spiritually connected
In this world and the next
Now, let’s soldier on
The universe awaits our love

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Red Vs. Blue Vs. Purple (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Red always thinks about herself
Blue always thinks about himself

Purple always thinks about Red and Blue
Red and Blue never think Purple exists

Purple is screaming at the center of the ring
Red and Blue are sleeping in the corners

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rugged Man (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

 I am a rugged man
My emotions are edgy
I see the nakedness of my life
How God bore me into the world

My brain fights society willingly
Process my sensual thoughts
Handle life with physicality and intellect 
Take my words to protect you

Every body part has a story
Feel free to touch the scars
My body encrypted with meaning
Come on my spiritual journey

I am the rugged man

Monday, July 6, 2015

Carry On (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

At the stoplight
I saw a homeless man
I held out my change
He grabbed my hand
He asked me, “Can you carry on?”
He looked me in my eyes
I wasn’t ready to let go of him
My change hit the pavement
He reached down to pick it up
He is a sane man without a home
I am an insane man with a car
I drove off singing hysterically
“I can’t carry on!”