American Deficit Disease (We Can't A.D.D.) (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Our government thinks we’re stupid
Telling us biblical lies about freedom
Making us feel ugly when we think 
Treating us like dogs begging for treats
We are dark wolves led by snakes
Led by this bitch of a government
Throwing greed out of their mansion windows
Letting their trickle down sins pollute us
The stink of a bad Constituion in the world
The muddy debt of elephants and asses
Imaginary wealth sinking us like the Tiitanic
Telling us that God wants them in power
Dreaming of their materials, losing our souls
Mind control makes us love the mind control
Not knowing how to add to our lives
We choose subtracting from ourselves
Our government infected us with this disease
They have disguised working for snakes as love
Instead of love, America, WE, get A.D.D.

American Deficit Disease


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