The Rise of Love (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

At Last!
I was in God’s protection
Bright light surrounded me, everything
I drove my car deeper into light
We drove past places, I knew,
I had never been
She was taking me to the heaven
Inside of Heaven
My heaven

God stopped the car
Gave me a drink of water
Wiped the tears from my eyes
I could barely speak
“Hell, is over. You are safe,”
She said with a great smile
“You are no longer a victim
to the evil power inside you,”
Calmness came from her voice

We got out of the car
“Is it over, now that I have
given you the key?” I asked
God’s fragrance was of truth
“It will be over once you take
the key to all my children.
They are abusing themselves
I can longer watch,” she cried
I listened with patience

“But I thought once here,
I would never have to
Experience pain again,” I didn’t
Want to think of returning
To earth, to hell, to pain
“You must unite with the other
mighty keys I have sent to unlock
the trapped souls on earth and
in Hell,” God walked in front of me

“My army is with you, just believe,”
she turned and her light covered me
“Let your soul rise, my child,” and
like that God disappeared
I looked around my heaven,
My interpretation of peace
I took one last deep breathe
And I returned to earth
Ready to rise once again


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