It's the Beginning of a New World (and I Feel Fine)- LouisToliverJr-USA/Austin, Texas)

A long time ago in the year, 2012
Some human beings once thought
That the world would meet its end
It’s nothing new to human history
Fear is commonly used to control
So making others believe in destruction
Undermines God's purpose for us
Which is to create from the center
Like God, we share the same center
And within us is the ability to create
Or the ability to destroy, this is true
As apocalypse talk aims to enslave
A human gift of intelligence through fear
Know that life does not ever, ever end
It always continues, I promise you that
It’s the beginning of a new world
At least as we don’t know it, yet
Those after us will know what this world
Overcame to become a planet of allies
I feel good to know that tangible human 
Enlightenment is on the rise and I feel fine


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