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It's a Global thing!

Words United: It's Global Union through creativity. We seek to enlighten each of our experiences around the whole world.
Words United, inspired by Louisiana Words (louisianawords.blogspot.com), seeks to push creative unity on the global scale. It is encouraged this way to help educate experiences insides and outside our mainland. Of course, this blog is in no way meant to make others feel they cannot participate. Even if you are not American please submit your words and expand this site into whatever direction necessary to enlighten the world. We don't have to be competitors; we could be family. If you are interested in submitting or asking questions: 1. You may email louisianawords@gmail.com 2. You may submit work via message to the Words United Facebook Page.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hurt (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

I've never been able to figure out why hurt exists or why someone would find pleasure in it. Pain isn't necessary.

I hurt, but I don't know why I hurt sometimes. I'm sure you hurt too. We all do. It's a cruel cruel reality. 

I've never been able to grasp the reality of hurt's uncertainty or why anyone would think there is hurt's certainty.

I hurt, and I know why I hurt sometimes. I'm sure you hurt too. We all do. It's a real real reality.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Livin' in a World (They Didn't Make)(Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin-Texas)

I despise most current politicians 
Living in a world they didn't make 
Playing with our precious lives 
Taking from us all they can take 

Most politicians make us think 
One race is better than the other 
One sexuality is better than the other 
One religion is better than the other 

Who is anyone in this world 
To think they are the maker of us 
I will not let anyone control me
In this world, I'll make a fuss 

There is not more time for the fake 

Livin' in a world they didn't make 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Interlude: Race (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

There are no more races 
Not in the modern world 
Just humans making it 
Not get back to your life 
And own your humanity 

State of the World (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

Tucked away in an alley somewhere in the world, a child is crying for his parents. War came when his world wasn't looking and greed took his family away, even the newborn baby sister. 

Just a continent away, holding each other in a country house, two men are professing their love. But if they leave this house, they'll get swept away by the hate of religion right to their own graves. 

Right now, going against the culture of the times, a young man shares his God-given empathy by writing. The state of the world will change and because of this young man and others like him not all hope is lost. 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Internet (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

The world can be connected 
If we were all just respected 
It's never good to feel rejected
Our hate could be corrected 

Thankfully, the internet accepts all
It's a place where strangers call 
A freedom, a right, not a wall 
So let's be human, not animal

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Knowledge (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

Baby, I got that knowledge
I'll take your mind to college

Let us be real clear, Honey 
Life isn't just about money 

It's about living in a world we didn't make 
Learning that many people in our lives are fake 

It's just plain old survival 
Let these words be your revival 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ain't Gon' Run No Mo' (Louis Toliver Jr/USA-Austin, Texas)

I came back to the plantation 
To tell you 
I ain't gon' run no mo'!
Rather you chain me 
Lash me 'til I bleed
Or take my loved ones from me!
I'll still do the work of you lazy men
So do your worst, little boy 
'Cause any one brave slave 
Is stronger than all you Slaveowners 
I won't hide from your weakness 
So do your worst, little boy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Power (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

Everyday, I wake up
I think
I want to be better 
Than the President
Rather English or not
Wearing a wig or not
Being short or not
Being southern or not
Jewish or not
Black or not 
Woman or not 
I just want to be better
When I look at humanity
I don't see the external
I look at the internal 
I look at the source
It is there 
You learn power

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My Beard and My Heels (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

(For my brother, James Leland Ludeau III)

I stand trimming my beard
Shedding my masculinity 
Standing tall in my heels 
Embracing my femininity

With one hand on my hip
The other gripping a razor 
I look at myself with dignity  
Satan is not my appraiser 

In the mirror, I am God's beauty 
I'm part of her spirit, always 
I'm not scared of the ugly world 
Or any of evil's manipulative ways 

Standing tall in my heels
I triumphantly bat my eyelashes 
I stand trimming my rich beard 
Over my enemies poor ashes

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

One (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

The Heart beats
Blood travels 
Veins fill
Organs signal 
The Brain fuels
It's Philosophy
It's Science
We think
We act 
We're one 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's the Beginning of a New World (and I Feel Fine)- LouisToliverJr-USA/Austin, Texas)

A long time ago in the year, 2012
Some human beings once thought
That the world would meet its end
It’s nothing new to human history
Fear is commonly used to control
So making others believe in destruction
Undermines God's purpose for us
Which is to create from the center
Like God, we share the same center
And within us is the ability to create
Or the ability to destroy, this is true
As apocalypse talk aims to enslave
A human gift of intelligence through fear
Know that life does not ever, ever end
It always continues, I promise you that
It’s the beginning of a new world
At least as we don’t know it, yet
Those after us will know what this world
Overcame to become a planet of allies
I feel good to know that tangible human 
Enlightenment is on the rise and I feel fine

Angels (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

They live high and low
Trying to find their purpose
Most are recognized as human beings
Most don’t know they are divine

It’s so sad to see a lost angel
They see others are lost first
Before they even come to know
That they may be lost themselves

Man or Woman or both
Black or white or both
Gay or straight or both
Don’t be fooled by appearances

All angels have the same heart
All angels come from love
It’s their heart that leads
It’s their heart we follow

They help us find our way
We help them find their purpose
Because most angels on earth
Don’t know their direction

Angels are led by good spirit
They are us and here around us
So be happy, don't hate yourself
We're just angels finding our way

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pangaea (Louis Toliver Jr-Austin, Texas)

Pieces floating in the vast sea 
All of them representing us, me 
If the world could be close again 
Maybe when we learn to love, amen 

My brothers and sisters, everywhere
Unfortunately, we have never met 
I really want you to know, I care 
You're day-to-day struggles, I get 

Tales of Eurasia and Africa, the past 
Will we overcome our separation?
Maybe we'll, one day, be one nation 
Let's dream of unity to come fast 

We must not live like we're twirled
Pangaea, which is us, that's the world 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

United (James Leland Ludeau-USA/Lafayette, LA)

it's time to unite
to fight
for the right
to love who we love
what they think in the corner somewhere
away from care
as we lay in this bed
our skin intertwined
i realize we look like a zebra
your smooth chocolate skin against my alabaster skin
how could this be wrong?
how could it be seen as so?
we've put men on the moon
an American lives on every continent on this planet
how can we can we not be tolerant?
our words don't have to divide
they don't have to hide
the love inside of us that will grow
if we show
that words like lights  in the night glow
our right
to love one another without boundaries
across the seas
let's hold hands and unite
it's our right
one world
one love
one word
whoever you believe created you
it's all the same
we are supposed to treat each other the way we want to be treated
not defeated
my voice rises
through disguises
it's all about love
me you blend in with me
that someone who accepts it
not rejects it
united we stand
united we fall
this is my call
to spread your words
like feathers on the mountaintop
can't stop
the spread
once the wind takes hold
be bold
his hand
her hand
love your other half
the winds of change are blowing

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ebola (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

Another plague
Another day 
Panic for the unknown 
The world still rotates
Cancer, AIDS, Global Warming
The universe expands 
While Earth still rotates 
The story of humanity 
The creativity to overcome 
Always rises above the pain
If only the greed and politics 
Would somehow erode away 
They are the true plagues 
Ebola is just a challenge 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Engage the World (Louis Toliver Jr-USA/Austin, Texas)

My eyes are open
Burning with ambition
Heating my blood
Filling my veins
Nurturing my heart
My brain with ammunition
My hands type
They say, "Today we change."
To my fathers in South America
To my sisters in Europe
To my brothers in Africa
To my mothers in Asia
To my cousins in Australia
To my children in North America
To my isolated in Antarctica
My hands type
They say, "Let's engage the world!"