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Words United: It's Global Union through creativity. We seek to enlighten each of our experiences around the whole world.
Words United, inspired by Louisiana Words (louisianawords.blogspot.com), seeks to push creative unity on the global scale. It is encouraged this way to help educate experiences insides and outside our mainland. Of course, this blog is in no way meant to make others feel they cannot participate. Even if you are not American please submit your words and expand this site into whatever direction necessary to enlighten the world. We don't have to be competitors; we could be family. If you are interested in submitting or asking questions: 1. You may email louisianawords@gmail.com 2. You may submit work via message to the Words United Facebook Page.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Dat Trump Money (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Trump is my role model
And I don’t give a fuck
I’ll grab yo' pussy
So fellas betta tuck

Whoa bitch, whoa bitch
Why you got an itch?
You so jealous of me
Dat you gotta snitch

I’m doing me but
You ain’t doing you
Knick knack patty whack
Haters give a bone or two

My color is green
And I ain’t gonna lie
I’m making dat Trump money
So girl please goodbye

You don’t like my way
Bitch, I don’t like yo' hair
Step yo’ ass back

As my career goes in the air

Friday, July 22, 2016

I Can't/We Can (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

I can’t be everyone
I can’t be everywhere
I am just one soul
What can I do on my own?
The doubting “I” looms
The power I need to succeed
Is hidden in my own fears
If only I could rise to the challenge

We can be everyone
We can be everywhere
We are all the souls
We can do ALL together
The assurance of “We” empowers
The power we need to succeed
Is unlocked in our own dreams
We can rise to the challenge

WTF United States? (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Justice is missing
When crime is rampant
Grocery stores full
Starving is for the homeless
Get rich with guns
Go broke for education
Aids, cancer, diseased fates
Cures dance around us
Politics uncovering neglect
Freedom frolicking in bondage
The promised land is united
But where is it? When is it?
No woman knows this dream
WTF United States?
You are so divided
You are so far from home

Friday, July 15, 2016

Down/Up (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

Sometimes the course changes
The rollercoaster goes down
There’s children fallen in the desert
There’s a veteran begging in the street

A soul is low that hasn’t eaten God
Our words are just empty bowls
Waiting to be filled with our emotion
Being down never makes you full

But the rollercoaster goes sideways
Twisting and turning, for yearning

Sometimes the course changes
The rollercoaster comes up for air
The children use their imaginations
They make new green worlds, prosperity

A soul is high that’s had a bite of God
When the ride is near its end, we’re flying
Our words are filled with years of work
Keeping your head up will never let you down

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Republican/Democrat (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)


What about me?
“This” is mine. I kind of worked for it.
I’m not going to sit back
Well, maybe I will sit back
While those “other” folks
Come and take all the jobs
I don’t really want to work
One language is all we need
Do you Speak American?
I’m scared of the government
It’s important to have guns
I can’t hold an education in my hand
I want to be rich. Forget everyone else.


What about us?
“This” is ours. We all kind of worked for it.
We ‘re not going to sit back
Well, maybe we will sit back
While those “privileged’ folks
Hold onto all the wealth
Every human has a fighting chance
Many languages is what we need
Do we speak Spanish?
We can trust in our government
It’s important to have an education
Riches can grow in our hands
We all must pay. Remember everyone else.

I Love You/I Hate You (Louis Toliver Jr - USA/Austin, Texas)

I Love You

I’d be lost without you
My soul has never felt such beauty

Love is the best passion 
The very essence of our lives 

You are a glorious monument
One that I worship for sanity

I can’t help that I love you
But that is all I want to do

I Hate You

I’d be lost with you
My soul has never felt such ugliness

Hate is the worst passion
The very essence of our lies

You’re a vile wart on humanity
Causing me all kinds of insanity

I can help that I hate you
And that is all I want to do